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Subluxation Station in Shelby Charter Township, MI: Advanced chiropractic technology allows for us to scan your spine and check for stress or tension in your nervous system.  Once the scan is complete, a digitized picture of your scan can be viewed on a computer for accurate results.  Using these results, our doctors will be able to formulate a plan and figure out how chiropractic care can help you.  The scans are simple and painless.  They do not utilize any needles, electric shock or heat and can even be used on infants. There are two specific technologies that are able to give us an assessment: Surface EMG’s and Thermal Scans.

Surface EMG

Surface Electromyography measures the amount of electrical energy in the muscles that reside along your spine.  Subluxations in the spine disturb the nervous system and affects how it functions.  When this occurs, either too much or too little activity is produced in your muscles.  It is because of this we use this highly-accurate, non-invasive scan to document your progress.

  • Muscle Balance (Symmetry): If there is a distrubance in the nervous system, there will be an abnormal amount of blood flow to the muscles on both sides of the spine.  When this happens, the muscles becomes weaker, tighter, or fatigued.  The Surface EMG scan will be able to measure all of these occurances.

Thermal Scan

The thermal scan is designed to measure your body’s temperature.  If there are ever any disturbances to your nervous system along the spine, there will be temperature differences that will be picked up.  This is due to the inflammation and changes in blood flow.  Our thermal scan is non-invasive and reveals the condition of your autonomic nervous system controlling your organs, glands and circulatory system.

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